Types of AC Condenser Coils – The gold fin condenser coil, Blue fin condenser coil, Microchannel condenser coil and hydrophilic fin condenser coil.

The Gold fin, Blue fin, Microchannel and Hydrophilic Blue fin are the technological terms related to AC Condenser Coils. These all are coatings of AC Condenser Coils. Which AC manufacturers mentions in their adverts. Even some AC manufacturers gave their own unique names for it. Let’s understand- What it is and how it is beneficial for air conditioner.

The Need and Solution for AC Condenser Coils

Basically, Condenser coil is the key component of an air conditioner. Therefore, performance and durability of AC Condenser Coils is very important. Aluminium coil and Copper coil are commonly used in air conditioners. These two have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Every technology has some problem solving purpose. Which is The Need and Solution.  The same way The Gold fin, Blue fin, Microchannel and Hydrophilic Blue fin are also invented to solve the important problems related to AC Condenser Coils.


The Need

Getting rid of corrosion and rust formation

Condenser Coils are the key component of an air conditioning system. Air conditioner used in various climate conditions like Hot, Humid and Dry. Coils are constantly come in contact with moisture , water droplets, acids, dust and various Bacteria. All these things cause severe damage by forming rust and corrosion on AC Condenser Coils. Because of that coils durability  and cooling efficiency goes down.



Protective coating to avoid corrosion and rust formation

To avoid rust formation, the solution is applying protective coatings on coils. There are various types of coatings available to solve this problem. Like Bluefin, Goldfin and Silver fin, Hydrophilic blue fin etc. 

The specialised epoxy material used to apply coating on AC Condenser Coils. To provide protection from corrosion & rust formation. So in result , it increases life span and cooling efficiency of Condenser Coils.

Gold fin condenser vs Blue fin condenser- Which one is better?

AC-Condenser-Coils-Gol-fin-Blue-fin-Hydrophilic-fin-Mircochannel coils-infographics -decodeinfo.com
AC-Condenser-Coils-Gol-fin-Blue-fin-Hydrophilic-fin-Mircochannel coils-infographics -decodeinfo.com

Gold fin condenser coils

It is also referred to as hydrophilic coils. AC manufacturers apply golden color hydrophilic coating to coils to protect from corrosion. Gold fin condenser coils provide better efficiency than blue fin condenser coils. Gold fin condenser coils have a slight edge over blue fin condenser coils, when it comes to protection from rust formation. It is most suitable for humid climate conditions, where rust formation chances on AC Condenser Coils are very high.

Blue fin condenser coils

The purpose of blue fin condenser coils is almost the same as Gold fin condenser coils. It mainly protects from accumulation of water droplets. Which causes rust formation on AC Condenser Coils. It is also coated with specialised epoxy anti-corrosion coating material.

Hydrophilic fin

Hydrophilic fin coating material has hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules. Which ensures no water droplets stick to AC Condenser Coils. Largely in coastal areas where the presence of salt , moisture and water droplets is very high. Which are the main cause of corrosion. Apart from that, there is another problem. That is Galvanic corrosion. Which happens whenever two different metals are joins together with weld. Overall Hydrophilic fins give better protection and cooling efficiency than other coatings.

Microchannel condenser coil

It is also known as Multi Jet Technology. There are few AC manufactures that use aluminium coils in their AC due to various reasons. Aluminum coils are most vulnerable for corrosion as compared to copper coils. Microchannel condenser coil comes in aluminium coils, where symmetrical round and flat tubes ensure refrigerant gas flows efficiently. This design does not require any other material like copper to as welding connect different tubes for refrigerant flow. Therefore, no issues related to Galvanic corrosion on coils.


All these technologies, which are related to Condenser Coils have common purposes. That is, providing better cooling efficiency and increasing durability by preventing corrosion and rust formation. The cost of air conditioners may vary based on Condenser Coils technology, which is used in Air Conditioners.