There are many best quit smoking books out there to read. But the question that arises in everyone’s mind is- Do books really help to quit smoking? Well, it all depends on the seriousness of your decision to quit smoking. If you are really serious then, these books can be your guide or tool to help you quit smoking. From my own reading experience. These are the most popular or best quit smoking books, you can try to free yourself from Smoking Habit.

List of Best Quit Smoking Books

Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking – By Allen Carr

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Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking

This is the top quit smoking book with a record of more than 20 million copies sold all over world. The unique thing about this book is, it doesn’t talk much about the bad effects of smoking. Instead, it focuses on the cause of smoking habit or addiction. This book was crafted based on the experiences of people, who consulted Allen Carr centres to quit smoking. It also has author’s own story about – How he was able to become Non Smoker from a heavy smoker. The approaches and methods to quit smoking mentioned in the book, are very practical and result oriented. That is why it is on top when it comes to Best Quit Smoking Books.

Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining The Weight – By Paul McKenna

Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining The Weight

If you really worried about withdrawal symptoms and weight gain while you quit smoking, then this book really serves its purpose by providing valuable inputs to overcome those fears. All you have to do is, follow the manual or methods mentioned in a book. This book makes quitting smoking surprisingly easy for you. The whole idea of the book is to make you feel better without smoking.

You Can Stop Smoking – By Jacquelyn Rogers

You Can Stop Smoking

This book creates fear among smokers by disclosing vital facts related to smoking. You know fear can be a great motivator to quit smoking. The best thing about this book is- It makes you realise how smoking affects your life, how you can get away from it to have a happy life. The methods mentioned in books are smoker friendly and easy ones.

The Smoke Free Way – By Tamir Turgal

The Smoke Free Way

This book is based on a smoke free program. It covers innovative and latest methods along with a step by step approach to quit smoking forever. This book guides you to find out your weak spots and work on them to lead life smoke free. It focuses on how smoking habit starts, how it grows and how it can be stopped. You will find natural information as the author himself was a smoker.

21 Days To Stop Smoking – By Dee Burton

21 Days To Stop Smoking

Almost everyone knows the 21 Days formula, a proven time frame to program your subconscious mind, to form new habits or quit old habits. This book is more like your daily organiser or calendar along with required action steps, which needs to be followed for 21 days. It is one of the top quit smoking books, When it comes to practical ways to quit smoking.

Willpower Doesn’t Work – By Benjamin Hardy

Willpower Doesn’t Work

Many smokers try a Willpower method to quit smoking, but in the end they fail. Why? Read this book to know- Why Willpower doesn’t work to quit smoking.

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