To be honest, there is no Best Way to Quit Smoking unless there is a strong desire to quit smoking. Yes, Just ask someone who made several attempts to quit smoking. They might have tried hundreds of methods with no results. Someone said “ Good habits are hard to come by but easy to live with . Bad habits come easy but hard to live with and difficult to break. 

Most of the smokers think that having a strong reason can help them to quit smoking. It might not help unless the doctor tells “ You will die if you smoke for one more week” That is a strong reason but it’s too late to quit smoking. The problem here is the temporary nature of reason. Because, reason changes in future and habit of smoking resumes.  Let me share my experience related to smoking. I used to be heavy smokers until December 2019. After many failed attempts I was able to quit smoking completely. I have listed out a few things which I have tried. This might not be Best Way to Quit Smoking for you but it worked for me so you can give it a try, who knows it might work for you.

You can not quit smoking just like that, It is the process of reprogramming your conscious and subconscious mind with supportive actions. You need to reach a stage where you just hate smoking.

Best way to quit smoking

Why do you smoke? Find out the root cause

This is the most tricky part. First question you should ask yourself is Why do you carry on smoking or Why do you smoke? Make a list of all those reasons or benefits, which you feel because of that you are smoking. Then validate those reasons or benefits to be sure. Now you just go through them and tell your mind that what are the real benefits you are getting from smoking. Trust me you will not find a single benefit. Now you wake up your subconscious mind with various anti smoking thoughts.

Take decision now – It never too late Quit Smoking

Every smoker has a problem of procrastination. We always tell our mind that I will quit smoking from tomorrow or from next weekend or from next month. There is no tomorrow. Remember, whether you like it or not but at some point you have quit smoking. Why to wait for such a forcible situation. Take decision now.

Train your mind – Take control over smoking mind

Once you make the decision to quit smoking then you have to start training your mind. It is like asking a monkey to stay at one place or training wild animals to please humans in a circus.Generally, all smokers have two minds – One is a Smoking mind & another one is No Smoking mind.

Whenever you get smoking pangs then the smoking mind says, let’s have the last few puffs or last cigarette of the day and follow no smoking strictly from tomorrow. And  No Smoking mind says don’t smoke any more cigarettes as you already quit smoking. This is the most difficult phase where most smokers fail. Initially, It’s quite difficult to follow the instructions of No smoking mind. For that reason you have to train your mind to take control over smoking mind by giving some auto suggestions. Example “Already I have smoked my last cigarette in this lifetime, Will never smoke again”.

Fill the void- Find a better replacement

Finding a replacement doesn’t mean that you start using other nicotine products, Such as Nicotine Patches and Gums. During this period nicotine will show its effects and it will make it so dull. Consider it as withdrawal effects of nicotine. You need to find a healthy replacement to feel energetic and keep yourself busy with some of your favourite activities to fill the void.

Ignore Smoking – Try to avoid events and situations

Don’t underestimate the impact of your surroundings. The idea here is, you need to remove smoking related thoughts by avoiding those situations or events where you feel to have smoke. It could be a company or situation. The best way to forget something is, start hating it. How? It’s very easy. Always think about damage done by Smoking to your life and health.

Adapt healthy lifestyle- Set health objectives

Having a health consciousness helps you to avoid all unhealthy foods and habits. Your mind constantly reminds you of bad health effects. That is why it is necessary to have health objectives and efforts to accomplish it. Once you become health conscious then your mind will give instructions to stay away from smoking.

Hate smoking like your Ex.

The best way to quit smoking is to come to the stage where you start to hate smoking. The reason you need to hate smoking like your Ex is, it helps to remove memories associated with smoking. This will help you to ignore smoking related thoughts.

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