The major Difference between Bacteria and Virus is their biological structure. Even though Bacteria and Viruses are micro organisms, but when talk about difference between Bacteria and Virus then they are different in many ways . They exists on earth from millions of years. We may not able able to see with our naked eye but they found everywhere on this planet. In fact, they are living on earth long before Humans. We need microscope to see it. Thanks to advance microscopic devices available these days. It is helping our scientist to discover many types of Bacteria and Viruses. We can find differences between Bacteria and Virus based on their characteristics.

Like every other species, Bacteria and Virus also need food to survive. Knowingly or unknowingly humans come in contact these micro organisms on day to day basis. Well, We are not going to deep dive in to micro biology but will try to understand in simple way. This article will help you to understand Difference between Bacteria & Virus. Before that lets see what is Bacteria and Virus in detail.

What is Bacteria and Virus?

What is Bacteria?

Cell structure of Bacteria is main difference between Bacteria and Virus. Bacteria are single cell or we can say unicellular micro organisms which can be found in water, air, soil, animals, foods, plants and in human body. There are some bacteria which can survive in hostile environmental conditions like extreme hot and cold Geo locations. They reproduce dividing their cells in to similar identical cells. This reproduction process is known as binary cell fission.

When we hear word ‘Bacteria’ we get scared due to illness and diseases they cause. Harm-fullness of these micro organisms also major difference between Bacteria and Virus. Well, majority of the bacteria doesn’t harm humans. If fact few bacteria are useful for environment and humans. For an example- You find bacteria in your stomach which helps in various ways. Its found in lot of dairy products and dietary supplements. These types bacteria also know as Probiotics . Which are helpful for Human health. They are also healers of environment. However few bacteria harmful for humans and it causes diseases. Most of the time our body fights with harmful Bacteria through human immune system. Check out top- foods that helps to boost your immune system.

What is Virus?

Virus is smaller than Bacteria. It can be seen through Electron Microscope . As of now our scientists discovered various deadly viruses which has taken millions of human lives. Viruses have different characteristics than bacteria. They are not classified based on cells as they need host to survive and to reproduce. It needs vital nutrients from host cells to survive and its genetic structure to reproduce.

Viruses are destructive in nature and more deadly than Bacteria.  As recent example, New Corona Virus (COVID-19) is infecting millions of people around the world and taken thousands of human lives. In contrast, Better to keep our self safe from infection by following health guidelines. Always wear mask when roaming in public places to avoid spread. N95 masks works better to filter out viruses from air. Know more about N95 masks and Smart Mask.

Lets understand basic difference between bacteria and virus based on various parameters.

Difference between Bacteria and Virus


  • Bacteria are Unicellular or Single cell micro organisms.
  • We can not say whether is unicellular or multi cellular. Because Viruses are not classified based on cells as they found without cell configuration.


  • Bacteria creates their own food from various sources like, Photosynthesise, Organic carbon and flesh of dead animals. And some needs chemical energy source to survive. like consuming Carbohydrates in form of organic compounds.
  • Virus don’t need any food to survive and they don’t create food for themselves. They just attached to host cells and make more of themselves by creating copies.


  • Bacteria reproduce dividing their cells in to similar identical cells using Binary Cell Fission method.
  • Virus multiply their numbers by using genetic materials of host cells to create their replicas.


  • Antibiotics and Antibacterial drugs used for to treat Bacterial diseases.
  • Vaccines and Anti Viral drugs are useful for treating Viral caused diseases.


  • Bacteria found in Rod shape, Spherical shape, Corkscrew shape, Spiral shape.
  • Viruses found in Helical, Complex, Head and tail, Polyhedral, Enveloped shapes.

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