Inverter AC one of the air conditioner technology backed by its inverter compressor. Since there are many variants of Air Conditioners available in market with various features, we often face situation where we goes in to dilemma, while deciding to buy Air Conditioners. Among those Inverter Air Conditioner or Inverter AC is one of the variant which is available in market. If you are considering to buy Inverter AC then this Article will help you to understand What is Inverter Air Conditioner and difference between Inverter AC and Non Inverter AC.

Most of people think Inverter AC means it runs on inverter batteries. Initially it must have been hectic task for air conditioner manufacturers to convey Inverter AC technology to consumers . Actually, It doesn’t run on inverter batteries.

Difference between Inverter and Non Inverter AC or Normal AC

Difference between inverter AC and Non-inverter AC – Infographics

Inverter AC Compressor

The major difference between Inverter AC & Non Inverter AC is its Compressor. Inverter ac comes with inverter compressor. It is fixed inside of outdoor unit. Inverter compressor works differently than non inverter compressor. Inverter ac compressor is made with specialised functionality which is called variable frequency drive. Basically it controls motor speed of compressor. It runs with various on-off cycles based on cooling temperature need. And that possible due to algorithm program which designed to control compressor motor speed. Whereas normal air conditioner compressor works with constant speed and it doesn’t adjust its motor speed. Either it will be on or off.

Power Consumption of Inverter AC and Non Inverter AC

Power Consumption also one the major difference between Inverter AC & Normal AC. Inverter compressor runs with On-Off cycle with various speeds variations based on temperature requirement. It detects temperature with help of advanced heat sensors. As result of that, it consumes almost 30% less power as compared to Normal AC. These numbers may vary based on various factors like its product configuration from manufacturer and climate conditions. But in most cases it is more efficient than Non Inverter AC when it comes to power consumption.

Cooling Process and Efficiency of Inverter AC

When it comes to cooling process and efficiency major difference between Inverter AC and non inverter ac is- It cools faster as compared to non inverter AC. As soon as it’s on starts, it uses its maximum capacity to reach required temperature. Post that it adjusts its cooling according to temperature fluctuations. It’s possible due to heat sensors functionality.

Eco friendly

Environment friendly or Eco friendly is one factor that differentiates Inverter AC from normal Air Conditioners. How it is Eco Friendly? First, most of the Inverter AC models comes with R-410a and R-32 refrigerant gas. Which is considered as Eco Friendly by not contributing to Ozone layer depletion. And second, it saves energy by consuming less power.


If you consider the cost there is huge difference between Inverter AC and Normal AC. Inverter Air Conditioners are more expensive than Normal Air Conditioners.


If we look at durability then Inverter Air conditioners lasts for very long time. And it requires low maintenance than normal AC. Its motor speed varies time to time so it needs specialised oil as lubricant. Inverter AC manages its oil properly and it avoids injecting more oil in to motor components. As result of that you get better durability. You will find 10 Years warranty on compressors from various manufactures because of its durability.


Inverter vs Non Inverter AC

Inverter ACNon Inverter AC
Inverter AC provides better cooling efficiency.Less less cooling efficiency.
Inverter AC consumes less power.It consumes more power as compare to Inverter AC.
It is more durable with less maintenance.It’s less durable with High maintenance.
Quit expensive.Less expensive.
Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC

Buying Guide

If we look at over all benefits then inverter ac provides you better cooling efficiency with low power consumption. It may cost you little high while buying it but in long run it saves money for you. If you don’t have strict budget constraints then go for Inverter AC along with some additional feature like Wi-Fi. Check out what is Wi-Fi Air Conditioner.

If you are looking for more power savings then go for Dual Inverter & Tripple Inverter variants.

Note: Inverter functionality available in Split AC as well as Window AC. But widely available with Split AC models. Understand difference between window AC and Split AC. Now a days even Portable AC also coming with Inverter functionality. Check out detailed article about Portable AC.

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