The major difference between Window AC & Split AC is their air conditioning component setup. Window AC & Split AC is widely used Air Conditioners for domestic purpose. Most of us can tell the basic difference between Window AC & Split AC. Like, Window AC comes in single unit & can be fixed on window. Split AC comes in two units & can be fixed on wall. Apart from this there are many other differences can be found between Window AC and Split AC. If you are planning to buy AC and if you are unable to figure out which one is to choose. Then, this article will give you key insights about Window AC and Split AC

Let’s understand: What are major differences between Window AC and Split AC? What it is & how it works?

Difference between Window AC & Split AC

Window AC

ParametersWindow AC / Room AC
Product UnitsWindow AC comes in single unit. It also known as room AC.
Cooling CapacityIt comes in 1, 1.5 & 2 ton variants with 2 ton maximum capacity & it’s capacity can not be increased
Air Low Control It offers less control over cooled air flow
Cooling efficiencyIt has less cooling efficiency as compared to Split AC
Power ConsumptionIt consumes more power as compared to Split AC as in models Inverter Functionality not applicable.
CostIts cheaper as compared to Split AC
Noise LevelsIt generates more noise from Fan and Blower as compared to Split AC
InstallationIt is easy to install and takes less time
ServiceWindow AC is little more convenient for servicing
PlaceIt occupies more window space & it obstructs Window gallery space if any
CustomisationThere is no feasibility to connect with multiple units to enhance its capacity
Product VariantsVery less options to choose from.
Suitable forIts suitable for Bedrooms
Key FeaturesLimited features like Inverter Functionality & Wi-Fi Controlled Smart AC as its available in only few models

Split AC

ParametersSplit AC
Product UnitsSplit AC comes with two different units. 1- Indoor Unit 2- Outdoor Unit
Cooling CapacityIt comes in 1, 1.5 & 2 ton variants and it can be increased based on requirement
Air Low ControlIt offers more control over air flow as it comes with various air swing options
Cooling efficiencyIt is better in terms of cooling efficiency
Power ConsumptionIt consumes less power as there are many variants available when it comes to Inverter AC
CostIts expensive
Noise LevelsLess noise level
InstallationLittle difficult to install and takes more time
ServiceQuit Difficult when it comes to servicing due to accessibility
PlaceIt occupies less space inside of room and outdoor can be placed based on convenient place outside of room
CustomisationIt can be connected to multiple units
Product VariantsNumber of options to choose from based on various features
Suitable forIt can be installed anywhere in home as it comes with two different units.
You just need need to connect  with air pipes which can be extended
Key FeaturesSplit AC offers you plenty of options to choose  when it comes to Inverter Functionality & Smart AC

What is Window AC or Room AC?

Window AC’s comes with various sizes and it’s designed to fit in window. Its single unit air conditioner. Window air conditioner mostly used in bedroom windows. All major components of cooling like heat exchangers, evaporators, motors, air pipes and compressor comes in one box unit which makes easy to install on window. But it occupies in window due to length of the Window AC. For various reasons, demand for Window air conditioners is declining every year and most of consumers preferring Split AC over Window AC. For that reason you get very small range options to choose from.

How Window AC works?

Let’s understand in simple way. With help of fan, it takes room temperature warm air inside passing through evaporator and filter, after that warm air travels to heat exchangers coils and compressors. Then cooling process starts based on temperature settings of air conditioner, after that cooled air blown away through blowers in room which is fitted on front side of AC in bedroom. Hot air gets discharged from backside of AC which is outside of window.

What is Split AC

Split AC comes with two separate units, one indoor unit and another one is outdoor unit. Indoor unit in placed in inside of room and outdoor unit installed outside of room based convenient location. Both are connected using copper air pipes to transfer air from Outdoor unit to indoor unit. Split AC is widely used so you find many brands available in market with various product variants.

How Split AC works?

In Split AC all major cooling components like Compressor & Condenser fixed in outdoor unit.  Indoor unit takes room air inside and send it to outdoor unit for cooling. Indoor unit and outdoor units are connected with copper air tube to which helps to carry cooled air.

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