What is Samsung eUFS 3.1 storage technology and difference between eUFS 3.1 & UFS 3.0

eUFS 3.1 stands for Embedded Universal Flash Storage. Samsung is well known for breakthrough technologies in memory storage devices industry. Progressively Samsung is coming up with next generation memory technologies from last couple of years. eUFS 3.1 Storage Technology is the latest and fastest one from Samsung for all flagship mobile phones.

The major difference between eUFS 3.1 new version and previous eUFS 3.0 is, the writing speed. eUFS 3.1 is capable of achieving 3 times more writing speed than eUFS 3.0. It will make mobiles more faster than before. Perhaps, that is the reason Samsung is scaling up their mass production to meet market demand. 

What is the benefit of eUFS 3.1 storage Technology?

eUFS 3.1 mobile memory technology provides faster performance while storing high resolution media files. Samsung stated that, you can store 4K, 8K & high resolution images without even buffering.  You will difficulty in storing high resolution content using conventional memory technology. So this eUFS 3.1 technology going to change the internal memory trend in flagship mobile phones. As per Samsung, eUFS 3.1 memory technologies will be available in 512GB, 256GB & 128GB memory card variant. It is essential for high end flagship phones.

We often transfer data from one phone to another phone. In most devices, it takes lot time, but no worries, with help of eUFS 3.1 memory technology you can transfer the files almost 3 times faster than existing 3.0 UFS technology.

Why eUFS 3.1 is fastest memory storage technology?

eUFS 3.1 memory technology is capable of 1200 MB/S sequential writing speed. It is around 1GB/S. It is way faster than existing conventional technologies like-UHS Micro SD card, which has 90 MB/S and SATA –PC, with 540 MB/S.

Difference between eUFS 3.1 and UFS 3.0 storage technology

Samsung stated that, eUFS 3.1 can transfer 100GB data in just 1.5 minutes, on other hand UFS 3.0 storage technology takes about 4 minutes.  That is the huge difference between eUFS 3.1 & other 3.0 UFS storage technology.

If we look at the overall performance, then eUFS 3.1 can deliver 60 % more performance as compare to conventional UFS 3.0 memory technology. eUFS 3.1 can deliver  100000 Input and output per seconds while reading and 70000 Inputs and Outputs per second while writing it.

Samsung eUFS memory card variants and key specifications.

Samsung eUFS Memory Technology
Source : Samsung
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Overall, eUFS gives robust performance while reading and writing the data on storage card.  That means you can transfer and store high resolution data on your mobile phones way faster than before. Mobile phone cost may go up but overall it’s worth it when you consider the speed and time. Checkout LG Raindrop camera design