How To Convert Normal TV to Smart TV? Know The All Possible Ways-Full Details

How to convert Normal TV to Smart TV? There are many ways to convert your Normal TV to Smart TV, as long as it has required ports and features to connect to external devices. Like USB, HDMI, ScreenCast, WiFi, Bluetooth etc. Television is one of the necessary products for every house. The primary idea of smart TV is to have applications to view your preferred digital content on TV using internet streaming applications. Similar to your mobile phones and tablets. These days almost all major applications are optimised to run smoothly on televisions. You should know your requirements well, before you  take decision to convert Normal TV to Smart TV. Lets see all possible ways or the best options to convert your Normal TV to Smart TV.

How to convert Normal TV to Smart TV? Checkout All possible options

Option-1 : Convert Normal TV to Smart TV Using USB Streaming Sticks

This is the most easiest way to convert Normal TV to Smart TV, Especially, If your requirement is to access entertainment content from popular internet streaming apps. There are many USB streaming sticks available in the market. All of them come with  all major internet streaming applications. All you have to do is, just plug in and play.  Don’t forget to sign up for a streaming app subscription , without subscription there is not much to do.

Key requirements-

  • TV must have USB port
  • Active WIFI connection
  • Streaming Application Subscription is required to view premium content.
  • Power source- Some sticks work on TV USB power and others come with adapters so you need to plug into the power socket separately.

Popular USB Streaming sticks

Amazon Fire Stick, Google ChromeCast, Roku Streaming Stick, NVIDIA Shield TV Stick etc. Apart from these, you can find many local devices specific to countries all over the world.

Additional Benefits with USB Sticks

Most Smart TV comes with voice activation feature, using that you can control your TV by passing voice commands instead of pressing keys on traditional remote. Luckily, most of these USB sticks support voice activation commands.


You might need to spend a large amount on High Speed internet connection and application subscriptions to view content from various internet streaming apps. The average device cost is around 30 to 200 USD based on video output quality like SD, 4K & HD.

Option-2 : Convert Normal TV to Smart TV Using of Android TV Boxes or Smart TV Boxes

Android TV Boxes or Smart TV or Apple TV boxes are the most authentic devices to convert Normal TV to Smart TV. They simply transform your TV into Mobile phones. Because, they come with separate dedicated hardware like CPU, GPU, RAM, Internal Memory, High Speed processors, 4K accelerators with Support of multiple Video Formats. You also get an application store to download your favourite Apps. 

Key requirement

  • Need active internet connection- You can connect using WiFi or Internet Cable
  • Separate power source to run Smart TV Boxes. 
  • USB or HDMI ports to connect these boxes.

Additional Benefits

These boxes are more feasible than streaming devices, when you are expecting complete Smart TV. Some boxes come with internal batteries, so you don’t have to worry about the external power source. You can connect these devices to TV using USB, HDMI Cables and AV Cables (Red+Yellow+White). These boxes also come with an independent WiFi antenna receiver. And apart from that they can work offline also with the help of Ethernet Cable. 


These boxes are a little more expensive than USB sticks. As usual for media streaming apps you need to pay separately for subscription. Average cost is around 120 to 200 USD based on hardware and android version.

Option-3 : Wireless Screen Casting using MiraCast Feature

If your requirement is to just view the content on TV, then this can be the most economical option to convert normal TV into Smart TV than USB sticks and Smart TV Boxes. You must have heard of MiraCast feature in TV. This feature allows you to connect your mobile phones and laptop computers with TV. Basically it is like screen mirroring or screen sharing of mobiles and laptops on TV. In simple words, TV works as a projector. MiraCast works on WiFi connection from your mobile or laptops. Checkout whether your TV has MiraCast features or not. If it is available then you can simply connect your smart phones or laptop computers to your TV. So whatever content you play on these devices it will appear on TV.

Key Requirement

  • WiFi enabled mobile or laptop
  • TV with Miracast or AnyCast view feature
  • Miracast interface applications need to be installed on your mobile or laptop to connect to the TV.

Problems with MiraCast

You can’t have independent control on TV. The way you have on Smart TV apps.  It means whatever you play, it just projects the same content on TV. 


Don’t worry if your TV doesn’t support MiraCast. There are many devices available in the market at very low cost around average 10 to 20 USD. Just plug it to enable MiraCast feature.

Option-4 : Screen Casting Using HDMI cables

This is the old fashioned way, you can connect your laptop or desktop computers using HDMI cable. So whatever content you play on these devices, it will be shown on TV. Similar to MiraCast only.

The major difference between MiraCast and HDMI cable – MiraCast works wireless with the help of WiFi to screen-cast content on your TV. On other hand, HDMI cable needs connection through HDMI port using HDMI cable between TV and sharing device.

Key Requirement

  • Extra HDMI port, Normally all TVs come with Minimum 2 HDMI ports, Generally, one will be used to connect your Satellite TV setup of Box and others as spare to connect devices through HDMI cable.
  • HDMI cable

Note: If you don’t have an HDMI cable then you can buy one from the market, You can find HDMI cables in various lenghts.

Problems with HDMI Screen-cast

You can’t connect your mobile using an HDMI cable directly since mobile doesn’t come with HDMI ports. For that reason, You have to buy adapter or converter to connect mobile phones. The only option is connecting your desktop or laptop. And not to forget the wiry setup, you may not like in today’s wireless world.


HDMI cable can be most affordable when you don’t have any other option. As it will cost you around 5 to 6 USD for 6 feet cable.

Option-5 : Stream content using Bluetooth

Option 5- Stream content using Bluetooth 

This option offers you very limited features but you can go for it, when you have specific requirements like, Playing your favorite Audio on TV from Mobile phone or Ipod, Screencasting your photos on TV, Operating TV using your mobile etc. 

Note: Most TV from major manufacturers comes with inbuilt bluetooth features. If your TV doesn’t have one, then you can buy USB bluetooth adapters and connect to TV.

Key Requirement

  • TV should have inbuilt bluetooth or external bluetooth adapter connected.
  • The devices like Mobiles and Computers also must have bluetooth to pair with TV

Problems with Bluetooth streaming

Bluetooth vs WiFi–  Bluetooth has very limited data transfer rate. That is up to 25mbps on the Bluetooth 3.0 version. But WiFi is way faster than Bluetooth. As WiFi direct can transfer 250mbps. So you might not be able to view high resolution content properly on TV with Bluetooth.


You don’t have to invest any money, if you have inbuilt bluetooth feature in your TV. If not, you might need to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter, which might cost you around 15 to 20 USD.

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