Is it possible to recover or retrieve deleted emails in outlook? Most often you get this question, when you find some important emails are missing from your outlook mailbox. Many times we come across this problem where some emails deleted accidentally or unknowingly by us. No worries, it is possible recover or retrieve deleted emails or other items in Outlook. Lets find out ‘How to recover deleted mails?’ Follow below easy steps.

How to recover Deleted emails from Outlook?

Method-1: Recover emails in outlook from “Deleted folder”

Step 1: Check Deleted Item or Trash Folder


Generally, whenever you delete any emails that should go to Deleted Items or Trash folder in your outlook. If you found there, then no worries as you can directly move it back to mailbox.

Step 2: Select emails which you want retrieve and move it back mail box. Once you done that you will see all those emails will be in your inbox.

Note: If you don’t find any email items in Deleted Folder and Trash folder it means those email items deleted permanently from outlook. Don’t worry. You can still recover deleted items which are deleted from Deleted Folder. In this case you will have to follow other procedure to recover lost emails on outlook mailbox.

Method-2: Recover Deleted emails in Outlook from “Server

Step 1: Select Deleted Folder ⇒ Then go to Home⇒


You will find one option ‘Recover Deleted Item from Server’ in ribbon bar

Step 2: Click on that option


Then you will get one Window Box with all deleted mails.

Step 3: Select the mails which you want recover ⇒ Select ‘Restore Selected Items’ radio button ⇒Then click on OK

Then all those messages will appear in Deleted Folder. From there you can move to your mailbox.

If you don’t find any emails in deleted from server then it is not possible to recover in Outlook.

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