How to remove ‘Top Results’ from Outlook Search

Top Results is the one of the unwanted feature which outlook introduced and many users are not comfortable with it. I personally got affected with this feature when I was accessing my work mails.This article will help you to answer question-How to remove ‘Top Results’ from Outlook Search.

This feature shows any random mail in Top Results which may not latest mail from your mailbox. Even after making change in settings as Newest on top with date wise outlook ignores that and it will pick one mail and it will show in Top Results. To get rid of Top Results search feature please follow below easy steps.


 Go to Outlook File Main Menu ⇒ Click on Options

 Step 2

 Go to Search Tab ⇒ Un-check Show most relevant search results on top

Refer below image for complete understanding.

How to remove top results in outlook search box

 And Save settings.  Congrats. You successfully got rid of Outlook Top Results. Checkout this article if you if you lost few important emails. How to recover deleted emails.

Most of the of the outlook users not happy with Top Results feature. It makes users uncomfortable while searching for recent emails. Its very difficult to find latest emails even after you are searching with date.

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