How to transfer Facebook Photos & Videos to Google Photos directly?

Facebook launched a new data transfer feature, which allows you to transfer Photos & Videos from Facebook to Google Photos account. Initially, this feature was launched for US and Canada region Facebook users. Now it is available Globally for all Facebook users.

This feature is part of Facebook’s Data Transfer Project with the purpose of providing an open source platform in order to facilitate users to transfer data between online service providers, whenever users feel it is necessary. Presently Facebook has collaborated with Google Photos. Soon you find other partners as well. Let’s understand – How to do it?

How to transfer Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos directly?

Well, Transfer of Facebook Photos and Videos can be done by Facebook users using Desktop and Mobile App. The process is very simple, Follow these easy steps to transfer Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos.

  • Go to the Facebook Main Settings Option
  • Go to “ Your Facebook Information” Settings Option
Facebook Main Settings Option
  • Now Go to “ Transfer Copy of Your Photos and Videos”
Your Facebook Information-Settings Option
  • Now enter your Facebook Password for verification.
Facebook Password Verification
  • Go To “ Choose Destination” and select Google Photos from the drop down button.
Choose Folder Option for Facebook Data Transfer
  • Now choose radio button to select “ Photos “ or “Videos” 
Option for Transfer

Note: You can choose either photos or videos at time. If you want both then you have to do two times.

  • Now click on Next. It will take you to Google Photos account for Password verification.
  • Now Facebook will ask permission from Google Photos account. Once you allow then,  all of your Facebook Photos & Videos will be transferred to Google Photos Library.

Once successful transfer of photos and videos happens then Facebook users receive push notification as well email confirmation.

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