Your videos and photos are your future memories which you can store it digitally. There are various ways to store it but safe & best way is store it on cloud so you can access on all the devices and retrieve it in future in case if you lost any of the devices. Google Photos is best to store it Google cloud which is relatively faster and better than any other applications. Do you know Google Photos allows you to store videos & photos in three types of modes? Follow this to Upload Original Photos and Videos on Google Photos.

Google Backup Modes

  1. Original Quality Mode
  2. High Quality Mode
  3. Express Mode

Many of you must be having requirement to store photos & videos with original size and resolution for various reasons. Then you better go with Original Quality mode of back up. Then you must be having question How to upload original photo on Google photos? Follow below steps from your android phone to upload original photos & videos to your Google drive cloud storage

Steps to upload original photos & videos to your Google Photos cloud storage.

Step-1Go to Settings

Step-2 : Go to Backup

Backup Settings Option

Step-3 : Go to Google Photos

Step-4 : Go to Backup mode

Step 5 : Select Original Quality

Once it’s selected then Google Photos will backup your photos & videos in original quality without reducing its pixels and resolution. Please ensure that you have fast WI-FI connection to upload faster.

Remember! Google Provides first 15 GB storage as free to upload original images & videos, once 15GB exhausted then you have to increase storage limit by paying monthly subscription amount. If you don’t want pay then select other two modes which come at free of cost with unlimited storage. Let’s know more about these backup modes. If you find many unwanted photos and videos also getting uploaded on your google drive then follow these steps to get rid of them. Google Photos Backup settings.

Types of Backup Modes for Google Photos

  • Original Mode

In this mode Google Photos allows you to upload photos and
videos in full resolution or we can say original resolution without reducing
quality. There are various paid plans available for Original quality photos
& videos upload. You can choose based on your requirement. This is recommended
for those who need high resolution files for further editing and for large
format prints.

  • High Mode

Most of the Android phone users get free unlimited storage
to upload high quality images on Google Photos. In this mode photos will be
compressed max 16MP if higher than 16MP and videos uploaded with high definition
only if higher than HD. It’s recommended for small prints and editing.

  • Express Mode

Express mode is typical mode if you are using Google Photos
for personal usage where you don’t have any requirement related to further
editing and processing of your Photos & Videos. It’s free for unlimited
uploads. All photos compressed to max 3MP if higher than 3MP and videos
uploaded with standard definition.

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