Does Immune boosting foods help to boost the immune system? Yes, You must have heard many times “Whatever you are today because of the food that you ate yesterday”. It is like primary fuel for the human body and its survival. Similarly, other microorganisms also need food for their survival like Bacteria and Viruses. Hence they are prone to attack the human body for their survival. Luckily our creator has given some resistance or shield to fight against these deadly viruses and bacteria. We call it the Human Immune System. So it’s our responsibility to improve or boost this shield so we can stay away from various diseases to live a healthy life. So try to add these Top Immune boosting foods in your diet so it will help to boost your overall immunity.

Fruits, Vegetables and Meat is the commonly consumed foods in regular diet by most of us. Let’s first see Top fruits that boost your immunity which are popular and widely available across all markets in the world. All these fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C and other nutrients which are essential for the human immune system.

Here is the list of top Immune boosting foods.

Let’s first see Top fruits that boost your immunity which are popular and widely available across all markets in the world.

Immune boosting foodsTop Fruits to boost immunity

 1- Citrus Fruits


Did you know?

Citrus fruits plants can have almost 60,000 flowers but only 1 percent of flowers turns into citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits are the greatest when it comes to Immune boosting foods. Because, these fruits are very rich in Vitamin C, which is a key nutrient for boosting the human immune system by increasing WBC count. White blood cells help to create resistance against Bacterial and Viral diseases. List of popular citrus fruits are  Oranges, Lemons, Clementines, Kumquats, Ugli fruit, Minneolas and Pomelo. The best way is add all of these in your diet plan.

2- Kiwi


Did you know?

China is the major producer of Kiwi fruit.

It looks like large size egg with thin hair looking fibres. It edible and delicious fruit has very good amount of vitamin C and Vitamin K. Another It may look ugly from outside with thin hair looking fibres but its gem from inside. You will realise its inside beauty once you cut it.  It is very rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K. That is why, It is another best option among Immune boosting fruits. The great thing about this fruit is, It has very good shelf life so you can store it for a couple of days. Remember, don’t store it along with other fruits like Apple and Banana once it’s completely ripped.

 3- Watermelon


Did you know?

As per farmers there are two categories of Watermelons- 1- Boy Watermelon 2- Girl Watermelon

Well! Watermelon is the need of summer. It is one of the most popular fruits consumed all over the world. Watermelon is very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Vitamin B5. It is one of the best options by considering its availability. Watermelon is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Vitamin B5. It has 91 percent of water and almost 6 percent of sugars, which makes suitable fruit to eat whenever you get exposed to humid and high temperature climate. It hydrates your body.

Farmers who produce watermelons most often refer to them as boy and girl watermelon. Boy watermelon is taller with egg shape size and watery in taste. And the girl watermelons are a little smaller and round in shape with a sweet taste.

4- Papaya


Did you know?

If you eat papaya which is green and not completely ripped then it releases latex fluid which causes allergic conditions in few individuals.

Have you ever walked through Papaya Farm? They look amazing. Papaya is commonly used in fruit salad. Like watermelon it also has 88 percent of water in its pulp. It has almost 75 percent of vitamin C and 10 percent of Folate. The great thing about Papaya is – Its green leaves are also considered as traditional medical remedies to fight with bacterial infections in many countries. India is the largest producer of Papaya.

5- Guavas


Did you know?

India is the largest producer of Guavas. Even seeds can be useful to make oil, which is guava seeds oil.

Guavas is one of the fruits which is highly rich in Vitamin C. There are many varieties of Guavas that can be found in various countries. Its taste and shape varies based on its variety. It grows on huge trees with a long life span. It is always green from outside even after ripped, in most of the varieties.

There are many other Immune boosting fruits like Strawberries, Kakadu, Plums, Barbados Cherries, Rose Hip and Blackcurrant. Which have very rich Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

How can we miss the importance of dry fruits when it comes to immune boosting foods. Which we often prefer as snacks in between meals. Almond is the top dry fruit to boost your immune system.


Did you know?

Almond is a seed and considered as Dry Fruit not Nuts. USA is the major producer of Almonds.

Almonds are tasty edible seeds rich in nutrients. It may not have much Vitamin C but it is very rich in key nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and some essential minerals. It really helps  to boost your overall immunity. Try to consume raw almonds instead of fried and salted ones. Soaking Almonds in water overnight gives you more health benefits.

You might know that many people across the world are trying to adapt Vegan diet plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are following Veg diet plans then don’t forget to add these vegetables in your diet which is considered as one of the top  immune boosting foods vegetables.

List of Top Vegetables that boosts your immunity

List of Top Vegetables to boost immunity

1- Capsicum/Bell Peppers


Did you know?

Capsicum/Bell Peppers are most preferred vegetables in top veg salad dishes across the world.

Veg dishes are incomplete without Capsicum or Bell Peppers. It adds taste and attractive colours to  veg dishes. But when it comes to immune boosting vegetables then it is the top one due to the high source of Vitamin C. There many varieties of this vegetable available in the market, you will find as Red peppers, Green peppers and Orange peppers. All these varieties have very little differences when it comes to taste. The only thing you have to make sure, don’t overcook it. Best way is to steam it and have it with veg salad dishes for optimum health benefits.

2- Broccoli


Did you know?

Broccoli can keep you younger for more time, as per various science studies they found that it has anti-ageing qualities. No wonder why Broccoli sales are going up day by day.

It is one of the best vegetables from the Cabbage family. Broccoli’s attractiveness often compels you to buy whenever you see them on vegetable shelves. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Fiber and Vitamin B6. To preserve its nutrition values, consume it in veg salad after steaming it. It tastes awesome if you steam it. It is also rich in antioxidants, which reduces risk of cancer by repairing damaged cells.

3- Spinach


Did you know?

90 % of Spinach production happens in China. Did you remember Popeye The Sailor Man character and how he became stronger after consuming Spinach?

Well, Who doesn’t like green color. Spinach is the only green leafy largely consumed across the world. You can do so many things with Spinach. Almost everyone of us is aware about the health benefits of Spinach. Primarily it is  rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K & Folate. It also has a good amount of minerals like Magnesium & Iron. Spinach leaves are very gentle so don’t overcook it and avoid packed frozen leaves from supermarkets.

4– Ginger and Garlic


Did you know?

Garlic reduces platelet aggregation. That’s why, People who are taking anti blood thinning medicines try to avoid more consumption of Garlic.

In most parts of the world, you will not find any dishes and kitchen without the presence of Ginger and Garlic. Because, it adds the flavor and aroma to various dishes. Besides that, Garlic gives great health benefits. Garlic is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Ginger also has a good amount of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C & Vital minerals. These two are widely used as home remedies to treat seasonal flu and cold diseases. Because of its necessity, we often find Ginger and Garlic sold in various forms after processing it. For the optimum health benefits, go for freshly grated ginger and garlic, instead of processed paste and powders.

There many other vegetables like Thyme, Parsley, Kale and Brussels sprouts have very good amounts of Vitamin C to boost the human immune system to fight diseases.

As matter of fact, not everyone prefers a full veg diet for their entire life. As humans are on top of the food chain so they found ways to eat almost every other creature on the planet. Non-Veg foods also provide essential nutrients to your body. Lets see top non veg foods to boost your immunity

List of Top Non-Veg Immune Boosting Foods.


List Non-Veg immune boosting foods

1- Chicken 2- Crabs 3- Lobsters 4- Oysters

Final Thoughts

Don’t get obsessed with immunity and eat only those foods which have more Vitamin C. Remember anything excess causes more harm than benefits. Idea here is, always monitor what you eat and maintain a balanced diet. Don’t just depend on foods, because not every one of us has a perfect digestive system. Your body don not extract 100 % nutrients from foods that you eat. So take additional supplements whenever it is necessary.

I appreciate your patience for reading this long article. 🙂

Top immune boosting foods

Nutrient contents Source- Fruits Vegetables Non Veg – Image Source- Pixabay

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