Most Important Air Conditioner Safety Tips and Precautions

This article which is about  air conditioner safety tips will help you to keep away from injuries and product damages. Air Conditioner is one of the key products which you can find in every household. But it’s complex and expensive which needs little extra attention. Therefore, you should know its safety guidelines and precautions.

Air Conditioner Safety Tips and Precautions- Infographics

Air Conditioner Safety Tips on Cleaning

This is the most important out of many Air Conditioner Safety Tips. Because, we humans doesn’t like dirt. So we often clean almost every product in our house. But when it comes to AC cleaning, make sure that you don’t use these stuffs like – chemical solvent, insecticide, inflammable materials sprays. These things will damage the appearance of air conditioner as indoor AC units body is made with Acrylic materials. Also don’t sprinkle water directly on the indoor unit.

AC Safety Tips and Precautions to avoid Electric Shocks

Grounding or Earthling wire is very important to avoid electrical shocks.  To prevent this  install suitable  earth leakage breaker which will help to discharge electric energy down to earth in case of electrical shocks.

Do not use damaged the power cord, or do joint work. If you join other heavy home products on same joints the it will  heavy load on the power cable. This will result in high temperature on wire, which may cause electric shock and fire.

AC Safety Tips and Precautions on Power Cable

Do not pull the power cable during operation. It can cause fire. Best way to pull the plug after turning off the AC unit.

Air conditioner takes maximum power load, hence Do not attempt to extend the power cord to join other cord, or by using an extension cord. Don’t put any other loads on the power supply socket which you are using for AC units.

Air Conditioner Safety Tips on Health

Do not expose your body directly to the cool (or hot) air flow of AC for longer periods. Also avoid too much of usage of AC for very cool or hot air. This might affect your physical condition & cause problems in long run.

AC Safety Tips on Children Safety

Air conditioner is a complex product though it’s used widely in every home. Persons or children who are not aware of AC functionalities or who has lack of experience in using it should be supervised for safety measures. Because it may cause damages to AC or the person who is fully aware of its operations.  It is always better to keep children away from AC remotes so they don’t play with it.

Air Conditioner Safety Tips on Fire Precautions

In most of the places, usage of air conditioners is seasonal. Hence AC is not in use for longer period or ideal for many days for many days without its functioning. In this kind of cases you should turn off AC by removing power supply. Because over period of time accumulated dust can cause fire.

Keep burning appliances away from AC air flow which can incomplete combustion. AC should not be installed at places where flammable gases may leak. Why because if there is an electric leakage from AC then it may cause fire and explosion.

Air Conditioner Safety Tips on Usage

Make sure you close doors and windows (preferably use a curtain) when you are using air conditioner for a long time. If air inside room is quite turbid, then you can open the door and window for a moment to have some fresh air from outside.

We often try to find multiple usages of products for other purposes. But when it comes to AC you should not use it for other purposes like storing precision equipment, food, painting etc, which requires certain humidity and temperature, which will degrade their quality.

Do not try to show off your skills by inserting a finger, a rod or any other objects into the air outlet/inlet grille while AC is running. Because AC fans running at high speed may cause serious injury.

Other common Air Conditioner Safety Tips

Always use the certified wires for AC installation as per your county wiring regulations.

Make sure split AC installation happens above 2.5m from the floor.

Clean AC air filters regularly to avoid bacteria or fungus formation. Which may cause infectious diseases.

Follow respective national wiring rules, RCD and installation guides for units which has cooling capacity more than 4600W (17000BTU/h).

Call for service or professional help if you find weird smells, noises and low cooling efficiency. Don’t try to fix by yourself 🙂

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