Most unused or underused part of the computer

Did you know? The CPU is the most unused or underused part of the computer. We all know it is the brain of computers, which is designed to process the extensive information. But unfortunately it’s most underused. It is like Human brain. If you still have doubt, then just go to your task manager and check the usage of the CPU now at this moment. You will be surprised to see the CPU usage percentage. If you have seen it, then let’s know why it is the most unused part of the computer.

Why CPU the most unused or underused part of the computer?

Well, there are many possibilities. But the most common is, you might have bought a computer with the latest and advanced Microprocessor or CPU. Which might have a way higher capacity to process extensive information than your day to day activities on your computer. Let’s understand the reason why it is the most unused or underused part of the computer.

Software Applications is the main reason behind CPU usage

If you are using applications like MS Words, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Media Players, Web Browsers and few other handy software, then your CPU usage will not be more than 5 %. Why? Because, these applications can run on earliest versions of 64 and 32 bit Intel or AMD processors. Then, Why do we have these Next Gen CPU or Microprocessors? Well, Answer is simple, There are some high end applications, which needs that kind of CPU processing power to run smoothly. Unfortunately most of us don’t use them. That is why CPU remains Most unused or underused part of the computer.

If you are using applications, which involves extensive graphic processing. Such as Games, Graphic Design and Video Editing software then naturally CPU usage will be very high. For that reason, we have GPU enabled systems to avoid high CPU usage.  Because high CPU usage can cause extreme slowness or lags in the computer. And if you have computer with dedicated GPU and still you are using regular applications then, we can call GPU also as Most unused or underused part of the computer.

Not only these applications, there are many other applications, which deals with real time data processing, needs more CPU power than you other applications.

Note: Usage of CPU will be high than normal, whenever some software application goes in to infinite loop or stuck for further processing. But otherwise CPU always try to use minimum resources as possible.