Privacy Policy

DECODEinfo respect the privacy of our visitors and it’s utmost priority to us.

We understand that privacy of your personal information is important. Hence we make sure that your personal information is safe with us. Our website may collect and store some of your information, whenever you visit our website. Whatever information received or collected from our visitors, we ensure that it is safe with us. Emails and other key information are protected by us and we never sell our visitors data to any third party email marketing companies. Our mission is to share quality information to our visitors. However, We try to collect and store minimum information as much possible to protect interest of our visitors.

These are the type information we may receive or collect from our visitors.

Log File Entries and Web Beacons

To sustain in the competitive online world, every website is trying hard to improve and monitor the progress. To do that analysis is important factor. For that reason, we also may track or store our website visitors’ logs on our server to analyse website performance. These logs may include, IP Address, Location details, Internet Service Provider, Web Browser Info, Visited Page details, Time spent on website pages, User Actions etc.  

Web Beacons are used to track the website performance and visitors behaviour whenever they visit our website.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to store your information related to your personal preferences whenever you visit our website. Cookies are small files which stores user information on their personal devices. However you can disable or limit cookies in your system if you feel so. By disabling cookies you may not have some of enhanced functionality of website which is based o cookies.

Advertising Policy

We use third party advertisement services to support our website which keep us motivated to create useful content and resources for our online visitors. These third party advertisers may use cookies and Web Beacons to show relevant Ads to our visitors based on their preferences whenever they advertise on our websites. For example Google AdSense may store your IP Information, Location, ISP, Web Browser Details, and Browsing History etc.

We never allow our third party advertisers to show or promote products or services which are considered as.        

  • Illegal drugs and substances
  • Violence and Weapons
  • Sexual and Pornographic contents
  • Militancy and Extremism
  • Discriminating and sensitive