Are you the victim of smoking myths or smoking illusions? If you think so then don’t miss to check out this interesting article related to most common smoking myths among smokers. Smoking looks very fascinating when others are doing it. For example, A scene in a movie where your favourite character is smoking with joy on his face. Not only that there are many other sources that influence you to start smoking. When you start doing it then you step into a trap. After a few days then you start thinking why on earth you are smoking and how to get rid of your smoking habit.

We  have been using tobacco products for centuries; over the period of time, we have found various ways to consume tobacco leaves. Most common way is smoking. That is why we find many smoking myths or illusions related to smoking.

Top Smoking Myths

Smoking relaxes

If smoking provides relaxation then why is everyone not smokers and why still some people hate smoking. The truth is, it’s just a smoking myths or illusions created by the cigarette manufacturing lobby. Smoking doesn’t give relaxation; in fact, it causes insecure or empty feelings among smokers if they don’t smoke for some time. Because of that they need to smoke again and again to get rid of that feeling. This chain goes on as long as smokers think they are feeling relaxed after smoking cigarette.

Feeling energized

Probably this smoking myths has created more impact than any other sports energy drinks. Believe it or not , still many smokers carry this mind set, they think smoking unleashes energy within them and it takes them to the next level. But health science says exactly the opposite. Smoking doesn’t improve your energy levels. In fact it reduces energy levels due to low supply of oxygen to your body. 

Let’s assume that you smoke 40 cigarettes in a day with an average of 5 minutes of smoking time. Now if you calculate ( 5 minutes X 40 cigarettes = 200 minutes) That means you didn’t get full oxygen supply for almost 200 minutes in a day. And without proper oxygen supply how it is possible to improve energy levels. Actually that is not the energy surge, it is the effect of Nicotine. Which lasts for a few minutes and most smokers mis-understand that and they get a feeling of sudden energy surge.

Feeling focused or improvement in concentration

How can smokers feel more focused or concentrated for a longer duration with smoking distraction? Ask any chain smoker they will tell you. They can’t focus on specific tasks for a longer duration if they miss out on nicotine dosage. It doesn’t help to improve your concentration; smoking has nothing to do with concentration. It’s a fabricated belief or smoking myth created by smokers and cigarette brands.

Cigarette is the great stress buster

Stress is something no one can avoid in their living life. But not sure about the presence of stress after death. By the way we do have stories of stressful ghosts. The point here is, we often come across stressful situations at various stages of life. But the smoking myths here is, smokers think that  smoking in stressful situations helps them. In stressful situations you need to hold your nerve and think about solutions to come out of those situations. Smoking doesn’t give you a solution, in fact it kills your precious time. Stress is psychological feeling handled differently by each person based on their past experiences.

I can quit smoking whenever i want

This smoking myths is the main root cause of becoming a confirmed smoker. Why? In the beginning all smokers thought that they are the captain of their mind and they can quit smoking whenever they want. That thought is the powerful motivator, which makes you start smoking. Still many carry that thought after becoming a confirmed smoker or chain smoker. But the fact is still they are struggling to quit smoking. No. it’s not that easy. Please don’t underestimate the power of nicotine.

Double Filter, Vapes and Light cigarettes are less harmful

There is no promising scientific research available to claim Double Filter, Vapes & Light cigarettes are less harmful. Till then it is just another Smoking myths. But all these products still generate the same amount of smoke mixed with toxic chemicals and gases , which directly goes to lungs. Remember, major damage is done by smoke. Smoking causes lung cancer. Find out link between smoking and cancer.

Nicotine Patches and chewing gums helps to quit smoking

This smoking myths has created many other business opportunities but in the end none of these products delivered desired results. Smoking habit also known as nicotine addiction. How can other sources of nicotine help you to quit smoking? The only benefit of these products is you can avoid toxic and harmful gas going into your lungs. And that is the problem as well, because you don’t find a single smoker who says they enjoy gums and patches like cigarettes. That is why these products failed.

A cigarette after food tastes better

Because of this smoking myths, many smokers prefer to have cigarettes as soon as they finish their food. Cigarettes don’t taste better anytime. For various reasons our body feels a little drowsy & heavy after having food. It goes away after some time. But smokers prefer to have cigarettes to come out of that feeling. Many studies have shown that having cigarettes immediately after food causes various serious health issues.

I am casual smoker

In most cases Casual smokers think that they have very good control over their smoking habit. But eventually casual smokers will be turned in to confirmed smokers. In other words, casual smokers are potential confirmed smokers in the near future as long as they carry the casual smoking myths. Because it is one of the stages, where smokers have little control over their smoking habit using the willpower method but in time nicotine wins and they lose. That is the power of nicotine addiction.

This is my last cigarette

I would say this smoking myth is very much common with every smoker who is trying hard to quit smoking. Moreover it is a psychological condition rather than smoking myths. It is a lack of desire to quit smoking. Because, There is no such thing called the last cigarette. It is a chain process where you smoke again and again. So never try to convince your mind that this is going to be your last cigarette and you will quit from tomorrow. That will never happen.

Smoking isn’t that deadly as it’s told

Like the last cigarette smoking myth, this also more like psychological condition or assumption of a smoker who is trying to quit smoking. Because, they try to convince their mind telling them that if smoking is that bad then why is it not banned everywhere. Why is it still available in markets?

We are living in a society where good and bad people live together. Right bad people have more power than good people. Who knows? Maybe in the future, it will change and smoking will have global ban like other deadly drugs. If you still think it is not that deadly, then spend some time on research to find out diseases associated with smoking and number deaths caused by it.

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