Stop Google Photos from Backup of unwanted photos or videos

Stop Google Photos from backup of unwanted photos or videos. Now a day’s most of the mobile phones are coming with huge internal storage. But same time mobile phones are also flooded with Photos, GIFs, Screenshots, Memes, Videos & Audios files every day, which are shared through various Social Media Apps and Messaging Apps. Out of all these photos some are very important that’s why everyone wants to store on Cloud Storage. so it can be retrieve it in future. At the same time Google Photos also store unwanted photos and videos. .

Google Photos is default app provided in every android mobile phone to manage the photos & videos. This app manages photos which are there on internal storage as well as cloud storage. If you don’t pay attention to Backup settings related to Google Photosthen you find Google Photos is uploading many unwanted photos and videos on your limited cloud storage. Such as Screenshots, Memes, Videos, GIFS, and Audio Files etc. If same thing is happening to you then don’t worry, there is way to sop it. If you getting the thought How to Stop Google Photos from Backup of unwanted photos or videos? Then follow below easy steps.

How to Stop Google Photos from Backup of unwanted photos or videos?

Step-1 : Go to Settings

Settings Options

Step-2 :   Go to Backup 

Backup Option

Step-3 : Go to Google Photos

Google Photos Option

Step-4 : Go to Back up device folders

Settings Options

Step-5 : Now Select the Folders you wish to Backup

For already uploaded unwanted photos and videos you have delete it manually from Google Photos Application through mobile phones or desktops.

If you are free user and backing up photos and videos in original resolution then you need take close look at Google Photos backup settings on your phone as Google allows only 15 GB storage space for free user. Check out steps on uploading original resolution photos and videos if you have paid subscription.

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