Unitary Air Conditioner- Best AC for Large Houses

Unitary Air Conditioner delivers efficient cooling for entire house. Therefore, it is very good option for large houses. Unitary air conditioning system is most economical option, When it comes to full house air conditioning system.

What is Unitary Air Conditioner?

Unitary Air Conditioner comes in separate units. Every unit designed for its own cooling applications. That is why you need to buy all necessary units separately. It depends on your air conditioning requirements. Air conditioning is possible, because of co-ordination between all these units.

You need to find right AC manufactures to buy Unitary AC. As it requires proper installation and guidance. You may find very few manufactures in your local market place. Because Unitary Air Conditioners are not widely used. Image source-Daikin.

How Unitary Air Conditioner works?

Unitary Air Conditioner is similar like other air conditioner. It also works in the same way. It also requires essential air conditioning components. To make whole air conditioner. Like, Heat exchangers, coils, compressor, air blowers, duct pipes and many more. So, you need to install all required components of Air Conditioner and connect to each other properly.

Cooling Units, Heat Pumps, Air Handlers and Coils. These all are major components of Unitary Air Conditioner. All these components have specific applications. All these components are connected to each other to deliver efficient performance and uniform air conditioning. 

Cooling Units ensures cooling of air. Heat pumps are useful to provide cooling and heating options. And the purpose of Heat Air Handlers and Coils is to delivery efficient cool air or warm air in coordinated way. Basically, coordination of all these components, makes air conditioning possible in Unitary AC.

Unitary-Air-Conditioner-Unitary AC benefits
Unitary Air Conditioner benefits – Infographics

Advantages of Unitary Air Conditioner?

  • It is the best option for large houses. As it can deliver efficient and uniform cooling to entire house.
  • Unitary AC is cost effective option for large houses as compare to other Air Conditioners.
  • Unitary Air Conditioners produces very less noise. Since most of major components fixed outside of house.
  • It is offers more flexibility and customisation. Therefore, You can customise as per your interior and exterior design of house.
  • Independent temperature control. Hence, You can set one temperature for living room. And different for bed room . It is not possible with duct Air Conditioners. Because, air sent through duct from central unit.


Unitary AC can be great option for large houses. It is cost effective. When it comes cooling efficiency and performance, then is is far better than other air conditioning options for large houses.

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