There is no such thing called “Ventless portable air conditioner”. The most suitable name for a vent less portable air conditioner is Air Cooler. For that reason, it has alternate names like Evaporative Air Cooler, Portable ventless Air Cooler.  Because, it doesn’t work the way air conditioners should be. AC & Air coolers are totally different, when it comes to cooling functionality and components.

Why? Because, when we say Air Conditioner, then we need to consider a few important parameters like -cooling process, ventilation, heat exchange, hot and cool air management, smart AC functions and many more key air conditioning functions. These things you will not find in ventless Portable Air Conditioners or portable air coolers.

How Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Work?

The main cooling component of a ventless air conditioner or air cooler is its water tank. You can find it on the bottom of air cooler. With the help of a pump that water pulled on cooling pads. Then cooling pads add moisture in hot air. Once the moisture adds in hot air then it becomes cool air. And fans delivers the cool air in to room.

Difference between Portable Air Conditioner and Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

Portable AC vs Ventless Portable AC-Infographics

Cooling Process

Portable air conditioner consists of air conditioning components such as Compressor, Coils, Gas etc. Which are essential for the cooling process. On the other hand, ventless air coolers use water droplets to cool the air. It uses the natural process of water evaporation method to deliver cool air. That is why you find huge water tanks in ventless air coolers. 

Humidity control

Since, Portable air coolers use water evaporation method, so naturally it adds moisture in air, which results in more humidity. Whereas a Portable Air Conditioner uses hot air or warm air for the cooling process by removing moisture out of it and leftover moisture and hot air will be disbursed outside of the room with the help of a hose or vent. In short ventless portable air coolers are most suitable for dry climate conditions and Portable AC is for humid and dry climate conditions both.

Capacity Measurement

BTU is used to measure capacity for Portable AC and ACFM is used for ventless air conditioner .ACFM is Actual Cubic Feet Per Feet Minute which is used for measuring velocity and volume of air flow.


Vent less air conditioners or air coolers are truly portable as compared to Portable Air Conditioners. As it doesn’t come with a vent or hose to release hot air moisture out of the room. But in case of Portable air conditioners, you need to fix them near the window so hot air and moisture goes out through the window with the help vent or hose.

Power Consumption

Ventless air conditioner or ventless air cooler consumes very less power than portable air conditioner. Probably that is the key reason why many people buy it.

Cost and Maintenance

Ventless air conditioners or air coolers are less expensive and it requires very less maintenance than portable air conditioners.


First, ventless air portable conditioner are not true air conditioners. They are the air coolers. which are suitable for dry climate conditions. It is less expensive and it consumes very less power. It is not suitable for humid climate conditions. 

Other common names are – ventless ac unit, ventless air cooler, vent free air conditioner, ventless portable ac, ventless room air conditioner, vent free portable air conditioner, air conditioner ventless

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