Voice enabled AC – How AC with voice control works?

Voice enabled AC is the ideal product for Smart Home. The very idea of Smart Home is to have such products, which are capable of connecting and synchronising with other products. Voice enabled AC gives you an option to connect with voice enabled devices like Google Home & Alexa with the help of Wi-Fi. This feature is the best example of IoT. Therefore, you can’t ignore this feature, if you are looking forward to having a perfect Smart Home. Basically, it is AC with voice control. That means you can control your AC with the help of voice commands instead of a traditional remote. 

World is moving towards home automation products powered by AI. That’s why , nowadays many household products are coming with voice enabled features. Especially household products like, TVs, Fans, Lightings, Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom Essentials etc. These products might be costly now but in near future everyone will be able to afford it.

How voice enabled AC works?


In order to control your Voice enabled AC through various voice commands, you need to have voice enabled devices like Google Home and Alexa. And you also need an active Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is connect your AC with these products with the help of Wi-Fi. Once they are synchronised, then whatever voice commands you pass on to Google Home or Alexa will be transferred to the AC Smart Mobile Application. Which translates those commands and sends them to the AC Control unit through Wi-Fi. AC control units are programmed to recognise and process those commands to take action accordingly.

How to connect voice enabled AC to Google Home or Alexa?

If you have multiple voice enabled Air Conditioners then you can connect all of them. Every AC manufacturer has a Mobile Application to connect your voice to enabled AC with Google Home or Alexa device. You will have to follow the AC manufacturer  instructions to set it up for the first time. Once it is connected then, you can see a list of all connected AC in Mobile Application. You can assign the names like Lounge AC and Bedroom AC. In voice commands those names should be included. For example “Alexa Turn on Bedroom AC“.

Easy Steps to connect AC with Alexa or Google

  • First download & setup Wi-Fi based Smart AC Mobile Application suggested by AC manufactures from app store.
  • Download & Setup Alexa or Google Home application from apps store
  • Link Wi-Fi based Smart AC Mobile Application with Alexa or Google Home
  • Name and Add your voice enabled AC in both Smart AC Mobile Application and Alexa or Google Home application. That’s all.

Voice commands for AC- Alexa & Google


  • “Alexa, Turn on the bedroom AC”
  • “Alexa, set bedroom AC to 21”
  • “Alexa, set bedroom AC to Auto mode”
  • “Ok Google, Turn on the AC”
  • “Ok Google, Turn off the AC”
  • “Ok Google, Set the AC to Cool mode”

Note- Voice enabled AC doesnt come with Alexa or Google Home devices. You need to buy them seperately. Wi-Fi connectivity is must to use voice controlled AC functionality. Also check compatibility of AC with voice enabled devices like Google Home or Alexa. As some AC supports only Alexa and some supports both. It depends on the AC manufacturer.