What happens to your Physical Health effects when you quit smoking?

  • Your heart rate comes to normal after few minutes of your last cigarette.
  • Oxygen level in your blood increases as you inhales pure air which is not mixed with smoke.
  • Your body will clear whatever nicotine exists in your blood after 24 hrs.
  • All the harmful toxins like carbon monoxide which entered in your blood through smoking will be removed.
  • Your taste and smell sense will be functioning as it was originally before you got addicted to smoking.
  • Your breathing as well as bad breath will improve.
  • Smoking drains your energy levels hence your energy levels will go up when you quit smoking.
  • Your teeth strains and gums pain will be reduced. It will be healthy again.
  • Your blood circulation will improve and you will glow on your skin. You will start refreshed.
  • Deadly diseases like Heart Attack and Lung Cancer risk will be reduced drastically.
  • Your lungs will cleanse all the smoking tar and it will be able to consume more air.

What happens to your Mental Health effects when you quit smoking?

  • You will fill confident as you got rid of most difficult bad habit.
  • You start thinking positively which will motivate and refreshes you to go on.
  • Your concentration level goes up as result of good blood circulation which carries important nutrients to brain.

What happens to your Financial health when you quit smoking?

This I leave it you. Please do simple math on below parameters.

  • As of now how many cigarettes you smoked?
  • How much money you spent to buy those cigarettes?

Then you will come to know how much money will be saved by not smoking cigarettes.

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