Smoking is one of the worst habit where every smokers finds it difficult break it. In other words, it is soft drug addiction of nicotine. Which is goes to lungs by inhaling tobacco leaves smoke generated by burning cigarette. From lungs it goes to brain via blood in couple of seconds. The effect of nicotine lasts for very short time, that’s the reason you get urge smoke again after 15 to 20 minutes. So this chain goes on until you decide to quit completely. If you are planning to quit smoking or already did recently then you will be surprised after knowing what happens when you quit smoking.

What happens to your Physical Health when you quit smoking

  • Your heart rate comes to normal after few minutes of your last cigarette.
  • Oxygen level in your blood increases and it goes to optimum level as you inhaling pure air which is not mixed with poisonous smoke.
  • Your body will start clearing nicotine from your blood right after 24 hrs.
  • All the harmful toxins like carbon monoxide which entered in your blood through smoking will be removed completely.
  • Your taste and smell sense will start functioning as normal after 2 weeks of quitting smoking and you will experience the true taste of food and beverages.
  • Your breathing and blood pressure will become normal.
  • You will get rid of bad breath and you don’t need to buy mouth freshers anymore.
  • You start feeling energetic again. Because Smoking drains your energy levels. Hence you will no longer feel lethargic and tired. You will have active lifestyle.
  • Gradually, Your teeth strains and other issues related to gums will start disappearing . You will have healthy teeth and gums.
  • Your blood circulation will improve. Now cells will get better supply of oxygen and other vital nutrients, that will make your skin glow and youthful.
  • Your chances getting deadly chronic diseases like Heart Attack and Cancer will be less.
  • Your body will start healing the lungs and slowly clearing all the smoking tar which is there in your lungs due to smoking.

What happens to your Mental Health when you quit smoking

  • There will be substantial improvement in your brain function and concentration levels. You will achieve peace of mind.
  • You will fill more confident, proud and good about yourself as you got rid of most difficult bad habit which you were trying from many days after so many failed attempts.
  • You will have better control over your sub conscious mind.
  • You will become more health conscious than before.

What happens to your Financial Health when you quit smoking

Every smoker knows how much money being wasted on cigarettes. Just do the maths on below parameters then you will realize how much money you can save by quitting smoking.

  • How many cigarettes you smoke in day example 20.
  • Take the Cost of each cigarette and then multiply with 365 days. Now you know that much amount you can save per year by not quitting smoking.
  • If you are smoking from last 10 years then just take average number of cigarettes you smoked per day in last 10 years and average amount you paid for each cigarette. And now just calculate. Trust me if you haven’t done these calculations earlier then you will be surprised to see final figure or amount.

 After knowing figure, Probably you are thinking that, you could have bought some car with that amount. It’s never too late to quit smoking. Take decision now and quit as soon as possible.

By quitting smoking you will save most precious asset in human life that is –Time. Just imagine how much time it takes to smoke one cigarette. Let’s take least 5 min average time to smoke one cigarette. If you smoke 20 a day then do the maths. That’s good amount time you been spending from these many days. You can spend that time on other productive work.

Thanks for reading. All the best. Quit Smoking.

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