World’s first Smart Mask or C-Mask launched by Japanese firm Donut Robotics- Full details

Japanese firm Donut Robotics recently revealed C-Mask. It is also being called as Smart Mask. Who would have thought the need of Smart Mask if there was no Corona Pandemic situation. Invention of Smart Mask shows capability of Human mind. Someone rightly said ‘ Necessity is the mother of all invention”. We all are in a desperate situation due to Covid-19. By all means, it forced all of us to adapt necessary lifestyles in order to survive. We all know we are heading towards the smart world and the demand for Smart products increasing day by day. The smart mask or C-Mask is the perfect example of it.

What is Smart Mask or C-Mask?

Smart Mask or C-Mask have the capability to connect with the internet with the help of your smartphone. Once it’s connected with your smart then Smart Mask or C-Mask has a lot of things to offer. It is based on Robotics technology designed by Donut Robotics.  It allows you to do various tasks like voice translation, setting up minutes of meetings,  voice commands and of course with help “Cinamon” it gives you instructions from far distance. This is a cool feature to address the need of social distancing.

In general, all masks are protective equipment, ex. N95 Masks. They are designed to keep Humans safe from transmission of viral diseases and harmful pollutants. But the ability to connect with the internet and support of voice recognition and translation draws the huge difference between smart mask and normal mask.

As per Donut Robotics communication, presently it supports only 8 languages when it comes to voice to text and translation. In near future they have plans to integrate AR & VR technology.

How C-Mask or Smart Mask works

Representation of Social Distancing with the help C-Mask or Smart Mask – It can transcript and display speech on Large screens at various social interaction places.
Source- Donut Robotics

Smart Mask or C-Masks comes with WiFi features, which allows you to connect with Smartphones. Wear the mask and switch on the power, then it will establish connection with your Smartphone. Once it is done then launch the app which is designed for C-Mask. Whatever you speak it will appear as text in the mobile app. Apart from that it also helps you to pass on voice commands to your smartphone like setting minutes of meeting. Above all it protects you from most deadly viruses and Bacteria.

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