Raindrop Camera is new LG mobile design or feature, which LG is going to adopt in their upcoming flagship mobile phones. LG has revealed Raindrop camera design structure in recent product endorsement event. LG conveyed that their upcoming mobile phones are going to be evolutionary in design and it will be trend setters in mobile phone industry.

What is LG Raindrop Camera design?

Basically, Raindrop camera design or feature is nothing but the arrangement of photo lenses.  All lenses arranged in descending order based on size of lenses. Generally, In most of the mobile phones, Primary camera lens is bigger in size and secondary lenses are smaller. Typically, these camera lenses placed in group on elevated rectangle square panel.  For that reason you find bump on backside of phone in most of the trending flagship mobile phones. Placement of camera lenses also referred as Camera Array.

Similarly, In LG Raindrop camera design, all lenses placed in descending order based on size of lens. Primary lens placed slightly above than secondary lens followed by LED flash at bottom. That’s it; in effect you get the raindrop camera feel.  In addition, As per LG secondary lenses will be covered with glass by considering look and feel aspects of design.

What is the benefit of Raindrop camera?

Please note that, it is just the design element, it is not related to Camera Quality and Functionality.

By considering Design Aspects of mobile phones, which is one of the key parameters today in mobile industry, then raindrop camera design really adds more benefits to get better look and feel design.

As per LG, Strategically planned camera design saved lot of space on back side of phone and as well as contributed in achieving sleek and clean design. Checkout below images to get visual understanding.

Raindrop Camera Design
Image Source- LG

LG announced that, Apart from camera design, their upcoming mobile phones will have 3D Arc Design.

3D Arc Design LG

Basically, 3D Arc is name of the design element announced by LG.  By considering design aspects of mobile phones, so LG is coming with evenly shaped curved edges from front glass to back panel of mobile. In simple terms, you can call it as curved edges. Checkout below image for curved edges visualisation.

Image Source- LG


As per LG communication, These designs elements going to be key key factor for upcoming LG mobile phones. In time, we will come to know ” how feasible these designs are ” by checking it physically once they launch in market. Checkout LG NanoCell Display Technology.